Tax Advice for Non-UK Domicilaries

The way the UK tax system impacts individuals depends on whether they are a UK resident or UK domiciled. We have acted for clients who are UK residents as well as non-UK domiciled individuals and their families. By understanding the extent and structure of their worldwide wealth, we assist them in avoiding pitfalls with the remittance of funds to the UK and to plan how overseas funds can be preserved for the next generation.

Our clients include both those who are coming to and those who are leaving the UK. We advise clients who are in the UK for a wide variety of reasons. Amongst them are entrepreneurs, employees relocating with families and the internationally mobile who find our tax system works to their advantage.

Our private client tax services team can advise non-UK domiciliaries on actions which can be taken to mitigate taxation, whilst ensuring clients meet all their legal reporting obligations.

How we can help

  • Planning in relation to the impact of UK taxation on an individual and advice on a sensible action plan prior to arrival in the UK.
  • Management and administration of tax forms and compliance with UK tax legislation.
  • Advice on Capital Gains Tax (CGT) planning regarding the ownership or disposal of assets and in particular UK property.
  • Advice in relation to the interaction of the non-UK domiciliaries’ personal affairs and existing offshore structures. In particular, we assist with the ownership of UK property within the envelope of a company and the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) reporting.
  • Advice when leaving the UK.
  • Maintenance of personal tax affairs and advice on record keeping.
  • Advice in relation to planning regular and large sum remittances.
  • Advice on Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning and the consequences of long-term residence in the UK.
  • Strategies to minimise tax worldwide through our association with firms in the Federation of Independent Financial Advisors (FEIFA).
  • Advice on how to structure an investment in the UK using the valuable Business Investor Relief (BIR).

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