Share Valuation Services

Share valuations are carried out to ascertain the monetary value of stocks and shares in unquoted companies for a variety of different reasons. One often thinks of the common business situations when a valuation of shares in a company would be required. This might be because of the issue of share options to employees or due to a change in business owners where shares are sold or purchased.

There are some less obvious circumstances which also require the value of shareholdings to be determined:

Calculation of the chargeable gain on a gift of shares for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and/or Inheritance Tax purposes (IHT). This may be a gift to another entity such as a trust or to an individual.

  • A valuation of a deceased person’s interests for both probate and IHT purposes.
  • Declaration of an individual’s assets on a divorce situation.
  • Good management of financial affairs and tax planning.

Establishing a 31 March 1982 valuation for CGT purposes.

  • A purchase of own shares by a company, for example on an individual’s retirement.
  • Valuation of a trust interest on an exit charge or ten-year anniversary charge for IHT purposes.

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