Income Tax Advice

We all have to pay Income Tax, however, there are non-aggressive ways of improving tax-efficiency. We want our clients to protect their wealth for the benefit of future generations and therefore, as well as offering tax compliance services, we also look at our clients’ wider financial position and how it is structured.

We know that the decisions you make today can affect the future and we work with Churchgates’ financial planning team to provide complete strategies which are right for our clients. This includes advice on investments which carry Income Tax incentives such as pensions, Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCT).

Our client portfolio is wide-ranging from self-employed individuals, retired individuals and landlords to non-UK residents and non-UK domiciliaries.

For business owners, there are different tax consequences of running a business as a sole trader or partnership compared to trading through a company. We help to plan what will work best for them which will not only depend on the size and nature of the business but on the level of personal drawings required.

Given the range of assets and needs across a family, it is important to manage the amount of Income Tax that is paid and to ensure all individuals’ allowances, which are available, are not wasted.

We also advise on the administration and taxation of estates and trusts. This extends to reviewing the consequences of offshore trust matters for trustees and UK beneficiaries.

We keep in touch with our clients and aim to ensure that any relevant changes to tax legislation are brought to their attention whether it be by a personal email/letter or a news bulletin.

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