Tax efficient ways of building personal wealth

We help individuals to structure their assets so that they can manage their personal wealth appropriately for them personally and potentially for the whole family.  This may involve deciding in whose name an investment property should be owned or indeed if it would work better within a company structure. The solution will be different depending on what is important to the client – for example, whether they are looking to access sufficient funds in a tax efficient way, to simply protect funds for future generations, or both!

How can we help?

Our approach is to ensure we combine our tax and financial planning skills to help clients build up their personal balance sheets and ensure that their wealth is preserved for future generations. This is delivered with integrated advice from experts across the tax team, trust team and the Churchgates financial planning team.

Some of the areas we can help with advice on are outlined below:

  • Tax efficient ways of structuring ownership of an individual’s or a family’s assets.
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce the burden of future tax costs by ring-fencing family assets.
  • Advice in relation to making charitable gifts in lifetime of both cash and other assets.
  • Estate and IHT planning.
  • Investment strategy.
  • Tax efficient saving for retirement.
  • Reviewing overall Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax costs across husband and wife and the wider family.
  • Reviewing existing trust arrangements and developing strategies for withdrawal of funds to assist the overall family.
  • Setting up and administering trusts.
  • Tax efficient investments.
  • Review and explanations as to how investment bonds are taxed and can maximise capital growth.
  • Reviewing policy protection to secure family wealth.

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