Life Insurance

You have just moved into your new family home and the worst happens. Make sure that your family are suitably covered so they can remain living in their home.

What is a term assurance?

A term assurance is the most basic and generally the cheapest form of life cover. This policy type provides cover for a set term, which would usually be in line with the term of the mortgage and would pay out on death within the term.

Who is term life assurance designed for?

There are two main forms of term life assurance; level and decreasing term.

For capital repayment mortgages where the amount of the loan decreases over time, a decreasing term assurance policy where the amount of cover reduces in line with the loan would be a low-cost solution.

Alternatively, if you have an interest-only mortgage, whereby the loan amount will remain outstanding at the end of the term, a level term assurance plan would be most appropriate. This is where the sum assured remains fixed for the duration of the term.

The best life insurance cover for you

We can assist in researching, advising on and arranging an appropriate protection policy for you. All of our costs involved are covered by a fee we will receive from the provider, meaning no additional fees to be paid by you. On this basis, there is no harm in reviewing your current situation and there is no obligation to proceed.

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