Our legal team is committed to providing rounded advice on all aspects of your legal matters. By working alongside the other areas of Churchgates’ business, we ensure that the legal documentation circumscribing your personal or business affairs dovetails correctly with the proper accounting treatment, tax planning advice or financial goals.

The head of our legal department, Matthew Boardman is both a solicitor and a chartered tax adviser. Having worked in both the legal and accountancy sectors he understands how the synergy between both professions can create a single, rounded service. Matthew aims to instil these values into every aspect of the advice that Churchgates provides.


Involving the legal team from the outset saves our clients having to explain their affairs more than once, and provides the opportunity to address the legal issues at the earliest possible juncture.

This allows Churchgates to ensure that when we make a recommendation, we have done what we can to ensure our proposals are well-thought through, with the aim of ensuring the smooth implementation of any strategy.

Experience and expertise

Our team of solicitors has extensive and wide-ranging experience across a number of disciplines, with two being dual qualified as solicitors and chartered tax advisers. This is in keeping with Churchgates’ overall ethos to consider matters in the round.

While our team is conversant with the issues and opportunities that apply to significant estates, or substantial property and corporate transactions, they’re also able to provide practical and pragmatic advice on those matters which are important to those with more straightforward affairs.


The legal and tax or accountancy aspects of a transaction are not dissociated, so Churchgates offer a service which follows through from start to finish. Rather than different professionals picking up particular aspects and handing off to another firm as the matter progresses, Churchgates handle every element of your transaction. This eradicates the risk of issues falling between the cracks between your advisers.

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