Investment Management

Churchgates offer a personal and integrated investment service based on experience and expertise that you can trust

A personal service

We listen to you and take the time to identify your individual needs and circumstances. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with you and to deliver a joined up service that really works. As a multi-disciplined practice, we are able to provide you with an investment service that takes into account all aspects of your personal financial affairs. 

You will be able to benefit from the expert advice of our highly qualified and dedicated team, who have a wealth of experience in the investment industry. We pride ourselves on having a robust investment process based on academic research. We aim to provide you with an investment service which provides you with the best possible return for a given level of risk or volatility.

Our investment philosophy

Long Term View

We do not believe that it is possible to accurately predict the future returns of any market in the short term and any investment manager that proclaims otherwise will be merely relying on luck. We therefore aim to produce investment portfolios that meet your medium and long-term objectives and ensure that sufficient capital remains independent of your investment portfolio to meet your short-term needs. By constructing investment portfolios aimed at meeting long-term objectives we are able to concentrate our efforts on generating improved performance from compound investment returns.

Asset Allocation & Diversification

Research of managed funds in the United States has shown that over 90% of the variation in portfolio returns is attributable to asset allocation, which in simple terms is the proportion of the portfolio invested in equities, property, bonds, commodities or other assets. In the UK the figure is slightly lower at 80%, but this still remains the most important factor in determining the returns experienced by a portfolio. Only a very small percentage of the returns of a portfolio can be attributed to individual stock selection. As such we focus on providing the most suitable asset allocation to maximise returns at each risk level. Ultimately it is our belief that in order for an investment portfolio to achieve higher long-term returns a higher level of risk is required.

Combining Active & Passive

Investment research tells us that the majority of western stock markets are efficient, which means that the share prices of companies are the accurate reflections of all the information in the public domain relating to those companies. As a result, we provide a significant exposure to passive investment vehicles (sometimes referred to as tracker or index funds) to provide market exposure and market returns for a low cost. We believe that some markets such as the emerging market and sectors such as smaller companies, provide better opportunities to find undervalued or mispriced companies which can be exploited to enhance investment returns. Therefore, we use a combination of both active and passive investment strategies to manage the trade-off between costs and potential additional returns, to provide the best value for money.

Tax & Cost Efficiency

Taxation and charges are known factors that are far easier to control and reduce compared to trying to predict the short-term fluctuations of financial markets, which are far too often influenced by the optimism and despair of human beings. We therefore ensure that your investments are as tax efficient as possible and make use of the tax allowances available. As we are Whole of Market Investment Specialists we are not restricted to our own funds and can therefore select those funds from the entire investment universe that we feel provide the best value for money. We also benefit from being able to provide access to lower cost institutional funds which are not always available to individuals.

Robust & Disciplined Process

When managing our investment portfolios we follow a robust process and do not let emotion dictate our investment decisions. Far too often human emotion can act to the detriment of portfolio returns, and this tends to result in investments being bought or sold at the wrong times. Our belief is that a disciplined, process-driven investment strategy will result in better long-term returns.

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